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Once you have registered as a publisher via our publisher’s registration form and implemented our tag or WordPress plugin on your website, you’ll simply need to add the hash symbol (#) before any words (preferably known hashtags) such as #Microsoft and our solution will automatically link them to their equivalent hashtags from real-time social media sources such as Twitter.

How to choose hashtags?

Hashtags must be relevant to your articles, this way you can provide real-time information to your readers and keep them interested. For example if you write an article about the current events in Syria, you could add the hashtag #Syria to provide the latest tweets, videos and pictures from diverse social media sources about the situation.

Hashtags best practices

Be sure to add known hashtags, otherwise we are unlikely to return any information if there aren’t any tweets, videos or pictures associated with your hashtags. Don’t be too generic, otherwise our results will be too broad, for example if you are writing a review about the ipad mini, it’s best to use the hashtag #IpadMini rather than the hashtag #Apple. On the other hand don’t be too specific so we can’t find any results.

There can be some exception for generic hashtags, for example the hashtag #Syria is more likely to bring the latest information about the current crisis while #France will bring all sort of information from France. So in this case using a generic hashtag such as #Syria will be relevant in an article about the current situation in this country.


  • Hashtags do not support spaces, so if you are using two or more words as a hashtag, remember to skip the spaces. For example if I wanted to create a hashtag for south Africa, I would type out: #SouthAfrica instead of #South Africa.


When creating a hashtag for something that may consist of two or more words its a good idea to use the “CamelCase” format to maintain legibility. The idea is to join words with each words initial letter capitalized e.g. #MicrosoftOffice instead of #microsoftoffice.

Examples uses – only your imagination is the limit

  • Events or conferences: “…Spring 2014 collection on the last day of #NYFW…”
  • Food & Drink: “…You may have heard of #Teavana and their very famous…”
  • Disasters: “…PM Shinzo Abe has visited the stricken #Fukushima nuclear plant…”
  • Product review: “…The hotly anticipated Samsung #GalaxyGear leads…”
  • People: “…Britain’s soccer superstar #DavidBeckham once topped… “
  • Movies: “…The Force will be with #StarWars fans every summer starting in 2015…”
  • Countries or Cities: “…An essential guide to #Ibiza, including the best attractions…”
  • Silly things: “…show us your #Selfies …”
  • Etc.


We recommend a maximum of four hashtags per page, choose them carefully, think about the type of information that will add value to your articles.

Websites to find your hashtags

Here are a couple of great sites where you can get ideas for hashtags.


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3 comments on “HASHCORE best practices
  1. Val Popescu says:

    Thanks, works like a charm! I install on my WP blog.

  2. I am registered and have successfully installed the wordpress #hashcore plugin. However, Hashtag links show up on my desktop computer but not on my iphone or ipad. Help.

    • HASHCORE says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your comment. #HASHCORE only works on desktop at the moment. Follow-us on Twitter and we’ll keep you updated.


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