"I've just installed the script and it works fine. Great job!"

Jos Jaspers, Politiek24x7.nl

1. How it works

HASHCORE will provide you a JavaScript tag that will allow our technology to run on your web site.

Once our code is installed on your site, add known hashtags to your content - Then HASHCORE will automatically link them to their equivalent hashtags from up to date sources such as Twitter.

Interested? Try it, it's free.
"Awesome product, bridges the gap between social and content"

David Friel, EntrepreneurHandBook.co.uk

2. Benefits

HASHCORE provides a flexible way to enrich your content with relevant and engaging information.

While reading, your users will instantly have access to the most updated information related to the story.

No hyperlinks to create or manage - we do the work for you.

"Keeps material lively, engaging, and up-to-date by harnessing the power of hashtagging."


3. Join us

Calling all Bloggers and Editors! HASHCORE can bring hashtag-based news right into your site's content.

Please register your interest via the publisher's registration form to start using HASHCORE on your website.

We welcome publishers from all countries and any size!